Welcome to the Friends of Bluebonnet Opry Website! We hope you find our website enjoyable and informative. Make sure to check back each month to see who will be on our next show. If you attend a show, stop by and tell one of our committee members what you think about the website!

Events are held on the third Thursday of every month at the Silver Wings Ballroom in Brenham. The Doors open at 5:30 p.m. and the show starts at 7:30pm Admission is $7.00 per person and tickets are sold at    the door.

 June 20th performer

  • David Lewis --- Bellville, Tx.

March 21st performer

                 JAKE PENROD'S

     "Tribute to Hank Williams"

This will be Jake Penrod's FINAL Hank Williams 

 April 18th performers

  • Lorraine Chavana--San Antonio, Tx.
  • Ed Gary--Peoria, Az.
  • Tim McCasland--Bloomburg, Tx.

 May 16th performers

                POLKA SHOW

  • Tim & Alicia Kulhanek--Frelsburg, Tx.
  • Shane LaLa--Dacosta, Tx.
  • Chris Rybak--Halletsville, Tx.